Who We Are

We're a modern, velocious, and very different kind of management consulting firm


Who We Are

We're a modern, velocious, and very different kind of management consulting firm

The Contrast

Contrast between us and other management consulting firms, be it McKinsey, Bain, BCG or anyone else, is fairly striking and comes down to a higher level of specialisation, details, and tangibility that is driven both by experience and combined geographical reach

We're a tighly-knit group of senior management consultants, comprised of both people coming from consulting industry and business as well. We believe a few things truly set us apart from the crowd, be it bigger or other boutique firms:

  • We focus only on engagements where we can add value, and lots of it
  • We never take on initiatives where we can't deliver value at multiples of price
  • The value we bring are brains and intellectual capital, never just capacity
  • Our combined experience covers multiple geographies across 17+ countries of CEE, CIS, SEE, and even MENA
  • We've served many organisations and biggest financial groups in the region
  • We never, ever deliver work we wouldn't use ourselves
  • We take special pride in coverage, detail level, and end-to-end execution support
  • We don't charge unless we actually deliver on agreed objectives, metrics, and value

We're a highly focused management consulting firm and deliver only on senior management level


Our engagements are fully lead and delivered only by Principals and Partners. We never take on initiatives where we can't deliver tangible value quickly and in utmost quality

We're a management consulting firm that always provides tangible value in multiples of the fee by establishing concrete Objectives, Metrics, and resulting Value


We always set up concrete Objectives, Metrics and resulting Value targets prior to a start of any engagement. And we never charge unless we fully deliver on them to both our satisfaction

We're a management consulting firm that strongly focuses on execution and implementation when delivering our engagements


We don't just commit to delivering Strategic and Conceptual work. We'll fully implement the intellectual capital that's created for and with you. You won't be left holding a deck of slides


What We Do

We're a firm that focuses on making big strategic impact via tangible operational improvements

What We Do

We're a firm that focuses on making big strategic impact via tangible operational improvements

The Expertise

At Alainn & Cie we make big strategic improvements through laser-focused, hands-on, operational effectiveness work.

Industry-wise, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to Banking and Financial Services, but we also work with clients from Insurance, Telecom, Retail, and many more.

When it comes to specific topics, we have three core competency areas we focus on. Additionally, we've developed intellectual capital in several other key areas, including:

  • Segments
  • Channels
  • Processes
  • Reporting
  • And more

There are also several novel, Cutting-Edge concepts and methodologies that make tremendous difference in unusual ways

Our management consulting expertise stretches from Strategy and Operations work in Banking and Financial Services, to Insurance, Telecom, Retail and many other industries. We do work that McKinsey, BCG, and Bain do across an array of industries, but bring it to much more granular level of detail


We improve sales strategy, increase selling efficiency, fix sales process management, set up sales performance management systems, and much, much more


We diagnose and improve management of individual channels and their multi-channel setup, working across branch, third-party, digital, and call center channels


We set up strategic programs to help our clients with hands-on digitalisation initiatives, and generally improve their digital capabilities across their channel mix


How We Do It

We think structurally, reduce complexity, and get down to the smallest details for execution

How We Do It

We think structurally, reduce complexity, and get down to the smallest details for execution

The Approach

Our overall approach is fairly simple: we develop conceptual rock for burning issues solving which truly moves the needle in your business, we get down to most granular level of details to implement and execute those changes, and we help you actually do it via a performance-based implementation approach. McKinsey's, BCG's, and Bain's will only get you so far when it comes to getting things done on the front lines

We really do think several things make us stand out from the crowd in management consulting, but nothing more so than the way we work and what we deliver in the end.

Our ultimate goal in every engagement is not only to deliver some intellectual capital on a specific issue, but do so in a way that is ultimately tangible. We focus on the "how", because even the best directional guidance won't do much without details.

What it means to us is that we absolutely always try to do a few things during each initiative:

  • Get through the noise and define the problem at hand correctly
  • Structure a solution in digestible bits and pieces in its every area
  • Provide the ultimate level of details and tangibility (the "how")

And that's what we always do: not only tell you what to do or where to go, but how to get there


We are a management consulting firm that prides itself on reducing complexity in our projects and engagement methodologies to find the right balance between strategy and tangible execution

In our management consultancy assignments we clearly structure not only the conceptual work itself, but also delivery and execution of our strategy and operations projects

When it comes to implementation and execution, we are a management consulting firm that goes above and beyond to deliver details and make the projects highly implementable and execution-oriented


We take immense pride in reducing complexity in everything we do. We'll always take in your input, but ruthlessly check, verify and never take anything for granted.

We'll tell you what your issue really is, reduce it to its true, root cause(s), and solutions - to their most optimal forms, with the shortest time-to-value.

We know how tricky complex organisations can be, and we won't add to that by solving the wrong issues or executing in non-optimal ways


We always focus a great deal on structuring everything with laser-thin focus and German precision. Not least because getting a structure right is a half-way point to a winning solution.

Our issue definitions are narrow, our hypotheses for solutions are rigorous, and our studies are always facts- and numbers-driven, both from client's and benchmark sides.

We organise our materials to be maximally useful at all relevant levels: from the Senior Management to your front line people


However, where we add the most value and where we think a lion's share of difference is made is the detailing, which is something relevant and applicable at literally all levels.

We've seen enough to know that even the best idea or most correct direction is typically killed by lack of details, which is an achilles heel of to many consulting firms both big and small.

We will never leave you with a directional guidance alone. We'll always provide enough detail to execute, and/or do it with you